Selection Committee

Applications to serve on the Selection Committee of the Eve Carson Scholarship for 2011-2012 are now closed.

Three seniors will be selected to serve on the Selection Committee for the Eve Carson Scholarship for one year. This position will require a large time commitment, especially during the fall semester between October 12 and December 5. There are three meetings with the entire Selection Committee: October 17, November 6 and the weekend of December 4. Applicants MUST be able to attend ALL three meetings.

The first round of application reading will occur over Fall Break and will require reading approximately 30 applications. The second round of reading will occur between October 26 and November 4 and will include reading 20-30 applications. Finalist interviews will occur the weekend of December 2-4.

Your purpose will be to serve as the students’ perspective on who should be the next scholars. You will read applications and score each applicant. For the first round and second rounds, you must read written applications. For the third round, you must personally interview each applicant with the rest of the Selection Committee.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Kacie Neville (, Director of Recruitment and Selection, or Matt Fox (, Executive Director.

The Selection Committee of the Scholarship is made up of five students and four non-students. The Student Body President, the Student Director, and three students selected by application make up the five student members. All students serving on the Selection Committee will be seniors. The four non-students are made up by a representative from the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid, a representative from the Division of Student Affairs, an alumnus or alumna, and a faculty or staff member. The four non-student members serve on the committee for two years, with two of these members rotating off each year.

Please be aware that those serving on the Selection Committee will be asked to refrain from writing Peer or Faculty Recommendations for applicants. Please be aware of this stipulation if you are selected to serve on the Committee.