Information & Eligibility

There are several ways to get your questions answered. From information sessions to our email address (, the Recruitment and Selection team will be able to get all of your questions answered. While the website and the application itself may answer your initial questions, you may still have questions about eligibility, selection criteria, the selection process and the scholarship’s benefits.


1. Juniors of UNC-Chapel Hill with at least a 3.0 GPA and 48 hours of credit.
2. Applicants cannot currently be receiving a full, merit-based scholarship. 

Application Information

The application asks for your basic information, and for you to answer five essay questions ranging from 50 words to 400 words each question. Because you cannot save the application, we suggest that you copy and paste the questions below into a Word document so that you may work on and edit them at your leisure. Five sample essay questions are below.

  1. Briefly explain your goals for the next five years (50 words or less).
  2. Describe your most significant contribution at Carolina (200 words or less).
  3. Describe a challenge that you have overcome while at Carolina and its significance to your personal development (250 words or less).
  4. Discuss one of your passions. How have you developed this passion during your time at Carolina? How do you see yourself developing it further if you were selected as an Eve Carson Scholar? (400 words or less)
  5. If you had a free day with no responsibilities, what would you do? (150 words or less)


Recommendation Information

Recommenders will submit the recommendation form online. Recommender’s should be in a supervisory role to the applicant, but does not have to be affiliated with UNC-Chapel Hill. They could be a boss, professor, coach, etc. We do not accept hard copies of the recommendation form.