Information & Eligibility

Eligibility: Who can apply?

1. Juniors of UNC-Chapel Hill with at least a 3.0 GPA and 48 hours of credit.
2. Applicants cannot currently be receiving a full, merit-based scholarship. (see full list of scholarships under FAQs)

Application Information

The application asks for your basic information, and it consists of six essay questions that must be answered in 300 words or less. The six questions from this year’s application are listed below.

  1. Briefly describe your goals for the next five years, with particular attention to your senior year at Carolina. How would being selected as an Eve Carson Scholar affect your ability to accomplish your goals? (300 word maximum)
  2. Name a unique challenge you had to be creative to overcome during your time at Carolina. How has this impacted your undergraduate experience? (300 word maximum)
  3. Describe your biggest passion, and tell how receiving the Scholarship would help you cultivate the passion. (300 word maximum)
  4. Name your one most defining characteristic and explain why you chose it. (300 word maximum)
  5. How are you different now than you were before attending Carolina? How do you think you could continue to develop? (300 word maximum
  6. Describe your most significant contribution at Carolina. (300 word maximum)

Recommendation Information

This year, each applicant must submit a peer recommendation. The peer recommender should be another student or friend of the applicant. S/he must be able to attest to the character of the applicant and his/her fulfillment of the scholar criteria.

The eight applicants chosen as finalists will also be asked to submit a professional recommendation. Recommender’s should be in a supervisory role to the applicant, but does not have to be affiliated with UNC-Chapel Hill. They could be a boss, professor, coach, etc.

Selection Timeline

  • August 25 – Application goes live
  • October 10 – Application due by 5 p.m.
  • October 27 – The 25 semi-finalists will be notified and asked to submit a one-minute video responding to a prompt of the Selection Committee’s choosing. This will likely be something along the lines of: “What matters most?”
  • November 3 – Eight finalists notified and asked for professional recommendation
  • November 23 – 30-minute interviews with each of the eight finalists