Why do you do what you do? When asked this questions for the WDYDWYD Project, she answered, “I want any excuse to work with my classmates (and help them do what they want to do….because that’s what I want to do).”


The Eve Carson Scholarship Executive Committee, in order to encourage people to think about their passions, has taken pictures of students and community members in the same style. Here are what a few members of the committee had to say about why they love being a part of the scholarship.

Kacie Neville, Executive Director 2012-2013

  • Because everyone deserves a chance to pursue their passions
  • Because of the people that came before me, the people that believed in me and opened the doors for me to be able to do what I do
  • Because Carolina is special, and our students are even more special
  • Because I get to work with and be inspired by the same amazing students day after day
  • Because every moment counts
  • Because passion is my passion
  • Because I love it

Rena Avramidis, Scholar 2011-2012
When I studied abroad last semester (thanks to the Eve Carson Scholarship), the biggest culture shock I experienced came from interacting with other students. When talking to others, I was shocked to learn that public service seemed like a foreign concept, and did not extend beyond a couple of hours of community service a semester. They couldn’t understand, why I, busy with the high-stress pressures of college, would consider my community involvement as important (but truly, much more,) than my academic studies. I tried to explain to them that this is the environment I come from – Carolina is a place where compassion for others, awareness of the injustices and inequity all around us, and motivation and initiative to make change, is in the DNA of its students. Students perform exceptionally well in the classroom, but especially shine in the causes they fight for and movements they spearhead. This was the first time I realized how special our school is, and how lucky I am to be part of a community of so many Changemakers. Carolina students don’t wait for a career where they can “make a difference” – they already do it each and every day. They make every moment count, because the most pressing problems of today can’t wait.

Dan Morgenstern, Director of Operations 2012-2013
As college students, it often feels like we need 50 hours in a day to get all of our work done. Ask most of us why every moment counts, and we’ll promptly remind you that midterms and papers don’t write themselves. But ask an Eve Carson scholar, and you’ll get a very different answer. Our scholars spend their time devoted to their passions and setting examples for the rest of us to look up to. They seize every opportunity to explore these passions and to help others in any way they can. Looking up to them reminds us that every moment counts–but it is up to us to make them count.

Blake Hauser, First Year At-Large 2012-2013
As the First Year At-Large member of the Executive Committee, I’ve had the opportunity to witness firsthand the incredible impact that this scholarship has on the lives of exceptional Tar Heels. I love being a part of an organization that brings together such passionate and driven individuals and then empowers these students to pursue those passions. Carolina has so many talented students, and I consider it a privilege to get to interact with a few of them and reward their spectacular accomplishments.

Ioan Bolohan, Co-Director of Campus Development 2012-2103
When coming to Carolina, every student is doing more than enrolling in a university—we are joining a family. UNC is our home. No matter where we come from, we have something in common. It is what happens during our time at UNC that really makes us into the people that we are and, being a highly motivated and driven student body, we make the most of it. It is because of this sense of community that we do what we do. We don’t just want to give back, we need to. It is the Carolina Way.

Leadership, passion and drive are great but in order to have an impact, they need to be actively applied. Finding a productive way to channel these traits is what defines the undergraduate experience. For me, this outlet has always been fostering the development of these qualities in others. To make a lasting difference for the Carolina family, I have sought out ways to inspire others. That is what the Eve Carson Scholarship has given me the opportunity to do. By enabling others to continue their service to the university, this student-run scholarship program truly embodies the essence of the Carolina Way.

Seeing the tangible difference that we can make as a team not only encourages the continuation of current projects and makes them sustainable, it allows them to grow and expand. Much like the diverse and dynamic student body that makes UNC such an incredible place, the programs, groups, and initiatives its members lead change as well. Turning a vision of an organization into a reality is one of the most rewarding experiences that I have had as a Carolina student and knowing that these projects will continue long after I am gone makes me proud to be a Tar Heel and inspires me to do what I do.

Julie Crimmins, Director of Public Relations 2012-2013
I work with the scholarship’s public relations efforts because I believe that good communication can help others do what they do. I’m lucky to work with some of the university’s most passionate and talented students on the scholarship’s executive committee, and supporting their efforts toward a brighter future for Carolina is worth it!

Nikita Shamdasani, Co-Director of Campus Development 2012-2103
I do what I do because of my fellow Tar Heels. Not only do they inspire and motivate me, but they are the reason work becomes fun. I am passionate about everything I do at UNC, but am especially enthusiastic about my work with the scholarship because every event, activity, and initiative is done in the name of the Carolina Way. What I get out of my work is undoubtedly much more than I could every put in it but I hope to have made some sort of difference!

Every Moment Counts because life is too short to not spend it doing what you love with the people you love. Nobody can live a life without stress and lows, but for me it’s all about maximizing the highs in the moment.

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